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Cancellation/Refund Policy

Policy Purpose:

To establish guidelines that provide consistency for program fees, charges and refunds.

 To ensure that programs and activity costs are recouped wherever possible so additional financial liability is not incurred by the Centre


  • Registration fees are to be paid in advance. Fees, maximum number of participants and any other conditions will be posted in advance with advertising and registration information.

  • Late Registration Fees: For those members signing up for fitness classes after the session has already started and space is available, the participant will pay a pro- rated fee for those remaining classes only.

  • Those individuals accompanied by a companion in order to participate in a class or program will be charged as usual for membership and programs. Their companions will not be charged for membership or programs as they are assisting the member to partake in the Centre's offerings. It must be determined by Centre staff that there is appropriate space for the companion to be present.


  • Should a program be cancelled by the Centre prior to the start of the first class, the total fee will be refunded. After the first class, a pro-rated refund will be provided.

  • Membership fees are non-refundable.

  • Should a registrant withdraw from a program:

           - 2 business days prior to the first class a refund or Centre account credit will be given subject to a 10 percent                        administration fee.

           - Fees may be transferred to another equivalent fitness program/session with availability.

            - If withdrawal is requested after the 2nd business day prior to the first class and there is a waiting list for that                     program, arrangements may be made to replace the withdrawing member with a member on the waiting list. If                    this is successful and refund happens, a 10 percent administration fee may apply.

  • Approved refunds will be issued 2-4 weeks from the date of approval.

  • Fees for special events, activities and outings are non-refundable.

  • Registrations for programs and fitness classes are non-transferable to other members.                                 EXCEPTIONS

  • Exceptions may be made by the Program Manager or Centre Manager, but will be considered in recognition of extraordinary circumstances, and only for the Centre sponsored programs.

  • Requests for exceptions must be made in writing.

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